The Results Now Show – Episode 3 – The Insta 5 – Rock Your Videos


Today we have a reader question folks. This comes from Dwight up there in Michigan. And his question goes like this:

Q: Jeff, where can I put my videos on social media. Where are the best places right now.

A: Well Dwight buddy look up here. This is gonna be a great answer and you’re gonna get excited about this because every single one of the Big Six:


all have ways for you to post your videos so there’s all kinds of ways. Those were the big six. Some others you can do video on or Snapchat. Tick tock. And there is even more

I want to focus you on just one place. One social media site where you can do five different types of video of all the social media sites. This is the only one where you can do five different ones. And that’s Instagram and I call this the insta five rock the video. Right. And how you rock the video. Dwight and everyone else listening.

1) Hey first of all on your Instagram updates your posts you can pop in videos right there. Up to 60 seconds long.

2) Then you have your stories you can pop in your stories they last for 24 hours and you can divide them into 15 second segments that go for much longer than that.

3) Then you can send your stories to highlights that stay there permanently towards the top of your Instagram.

4) And then we have this wonderful thing called Eye G TV. Instagram TV 30 seconds to 10 minutes. If you’ve got more than 10000 followers you can go for more than 10 minutes I think it’s up to 60 where you can put clips in there of you teaching of you do in life of a day in the life of. You can do pieces of webinars you can do so much in there. All right.

5) And then number five is Instagram live. You can pop on go live and Instagram and show your screen you can show yourself you can do both and those will disappear as soon as you stop.

So five different ways to do video on Instagram in really five different time limits and five different styles. Now please don’t ever again tell me that you can’t new video online or that you can’t new video on social media because there in one site just one platform. You have five different ways.

And here’s what I would suggest do and come close we’re getting to the to the to do here before your head hits the pillow tonight after listening to this podcast I encourage you to pick one of those and put something up there. Just one thing you can do something for 30 seconds. That’s all just 30 seconds 30 glorious guts filled seconds of your video reaching out to all your community.

All right so that’s a really strong directive to go use this stuff before your pet your pad before your head hits the pillow tonight and we’ll catch you next time.