The Results Now Show – Episode 2 – STOP Writing Articles!


Stop writing articles.

No ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I have not lost my mind.

Yes I was once known as The Article Guy.

Yes I teach content marketing.

So Jeff why in the world are you saying stop writing articles.

Think about that word. Articles articles appear usually in boring stuff, hh my God do I have to read that journals of some kind and other places. You think article and think it’s a lot to get through and you as a creator as a content creator think

Oh my gosh how do I come up with ideas what do I do.”

So what do you do instead?

Here’s what you do instead.

Create your column. That’s right. Create your column. A column is a nice nice it is a very nice mind set shift that takes all the work out of it. An article is a dry boring piece of content. A column is a conversation between you and your reader your viewer your follower your list member what your customer whatever you want to call it.

I stumbled upon this idea way back in 1994 when I started writing a weekly relationship column for the newspaper in Tallahassee when I was a counseling psychologist and the funniest thing about that was that I never finished my PhD at Florida State in marriage and family because my professors told me I couldn’t write and I believed them.

Well I still couldn’t write academically if you held a gun to my head.

But what I discovered is the way I could write was I wrote about what I saw and what I wrote about was my unique approach to the problems I saw and my unique solutions for the problems I saw. That column was supposed to be for six months to a year and it went for 10 became internationally syndicated. Filled my practice filled other people’s practices and launched what you’re hearing today.

So think about it as a conversation between you and your niche. A column is simply an ongoing conversation between you and your niche.

Then you can write from the heart then you can write from experience and when you’re writing from the heart and from experience you’re doing the best thing they ever teach in any writing class which is to write about what you know.

And here’s another little tip here. Hey you know what a podcast is it’s an audio column. You know what a video or a video or a video or a video or a video or a live video is. It’s a video column. You know what a webinar is it’s an extended audio and video column. Start thinking column folks and you’ll get more e-mail opens you’ll get more followers you’ll get more viewership you’ll just get more.

So stop writing articles.

Create your column s w a stop writing articles C why C Create your column so f w a and c y c and as always thank you for listening. Thank you for being here and go use this stuff.